Marine Microbiology and Marine Infectious Diseases

While marine animals and plants area unit most ordinarily used as sources of food, they additionally turn out a massive array of chemical compounds which will be developed into product with helpful medical and industrial uses. However, marine organisms, like bacterium, algae, and viruses, may be sources of human ill health. Though these microorganisms exist naturally within the ocean, human actions will cause ocean conditions that greatly increase their growth, harming the health of humans, marine species, and ecosystems. Marine microbiology is that the study of the microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, viruses and microbic eukaryotes) within the marine surroundings, as well as their diversity, ecology and biogeochemistry.

  • Histology & Molecular Methods
  • Aquatic Microorganisms
  • Techniques for the study of Aquatic Microorganisms

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